Experiences of users of a drug information center on the role of the pharmacist





Objective: Describe the activities performed by the pharmacist according to the experiences of users (non-specialized public and pharmacists) of a Drug Information Center. Methods: A cross-sectional study with pharmaceutical professionals and drug users who use the Information Service of the Drug Information Center at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Cemed/UFMG). Participants answered an electronic questionnaire with information on socio-demographic data and on the role of the pharmacist or use of pharmaceutical services. The data were analyzed in a descriptive way by means of absolute and relative frequencies, and some reports of the participants were presented to contextualize the analysis. Results: In total, 156 participants answered the questionnaire. Most of the medication users, 58 (72.2%), reported that they had some experience of being guided by the pharmacist about the use of medications, being the indication, 28 (34.6%), and guidance on medication administration (21,3%) the primary reported interventions. Most pharmacists, 26 (96.3%), reported performing at least one intervention. Of these, 20 (74.1%) were carried out at the  professional’s workplace and the rest were technical orientations to family members or friends. Guidelines on the correct administration of medications, 10 (37%), were the main interventions performed by pharmacists. Conclusion: The dispensing of medications was often realized with guidance on the use or health issues carried out by the pharmacist. The recognition of the contribution of the performance of this professional to obtain better health results supports its importance in drugstores and pharmacies, the leading establishments where this professional Works and with great reach for the population.


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TORRES PC, FONSECA LB, CÂNDIDO RF, MELGAÇO-DE-FARIA JC, PÁDUA CM. Experiences of users of a drug information center on the role of the pharmacist. Rev Bras Farm Hosp Serv Saude [Internet]. 2021Aug.23 [cited 2022May28];12(3):617. Available from: https://www.rbfhss.org.br/sbrafh/article/view/617